Client Project

If you have been following my blog, you know that when it comes to interiors….I have a certain aesthetic.  My personal taste is very girly, eclectic, and modern.  But when it comes to designing for other people, it should always be a happy compromise.

When my client first approached me about creating some boards for a newly renovated portion of her home, I have to say that I was a bit hesitant.  My client’s style was a lot more traditional than anything I have ever done before but I do love a challenge-yes I do.  I soon learned that though she did have this strong preferred aesthetic, she also had a really fun side, and more important than anything-she was very open to suggestions.  The lady of the house also loves pattern, especially bold ones. We def have in common, I love a good pattern. The client also had a flair for decadence. And what perfect opportunity to use luxurious (girly-ish) pieces, such as mirrored furniture and venetian mirrors. So my plan was to choose patterns and shapes with a traditional look/motif but keep the overall lines simple and modern.  A good example of this is the lamps.  I selected a very traditional shape like an urn but kept the shade a modern drum with clean lines. Another example is the rugs.  The patterns are very traditional in form like the paisley, but with the larger scale it gives it a touch of modern.  I tend to think that when something is ‘too modern’ or ‘too traditional’ it can fast be dated.  So I think balancing these elements is the key to longevity.

Here’s how her boards turned out:

1  2. Similar  3   4   5   6   7  8

 1  2  3  4   5   6A  6B    7   8  9  10

1   2  3  4    6  7

Thanks so much Mrs. Lozano, for being great to work with! I had fun. I can’t wait to see your end result!


Design Dilemma: House Call

A little while back, I offered my services to any reader who had a design dilemma. A lovely lady, by the name of Carrie, answered. So quickly, I made a house call. This is her space below.

Well lucky for me, Carrie had a good start on her space. She just needed my guidance on how to pull things together.

My diagnosis!? The light cobalt blue paint successfully unified her dining and living space. The green found in the rolled-arm couch, linen drapes, and patterned dining chairs worked well with the blue. Carrie was quite handy and had started sewing some soft red paisley pillows which I adored. I advised that she continue this and make a long lumbar pillow for her couch. The matching set of cheetah-print chairs belonged to her grand mother. She had emotional attachment to the chairs and wanted to make them work.  Reupholstered with a new green Ikat fabric, they could {totally} work!

Something that most have a tendency to do is match wood tones.  This can make a space feel like it was ripped out of a catalogue.  It is really not necessary and can make a space feel dull. Carrie was doing this with a dark stained armoire, matching table, and a dark chest.  I suggested that she break this up by painting a few pieces.  The armoire could be painted white so that instead of demanding all the attention {due to it’s ‘look-at-me-color’}, it could co-exist harmoniously with the rest of the room.  The chest, painted red would echo the color drawn from the paisley pillows.

Another suggestion came from trying to work with the oatmeal colored carpet.  Carpet can make a room very lifeless.  Instead of trying to remedy with an out of scale rug, I suggested matchstick blinds. This will add some much needed warmth that natural materials bring.

More lighting please!  Indirect lighting adds ambiance and a higher level of quality of space.  Something that one should never skimp on.

I can’t wait to see the more cohesive finished space!   Glad I could be of help  Carrie!  And if there ever a need again, I will gladly make another house call!


Dulce aka lavitapetite

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