Eames: The Architect and the Painter

Ah the Eames’.  What can I say about them, other than they influence me greatly.  This weekend, I plan on curling up in bed and watching this newly released documentary.

Have a great weekend!



[Guest Post] Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

Recently, a good friend of mine expressed her desire to visit Mexico City for her birthday. I haven’t given her an answer yet but I would like to go–as long as we stay here…

Estimated Population: 8,836,045


[Guest Post] Where Ghosts Sleep

I love old abandoned mansions. In the neighborhood I live in, there is one mansion in particular that I visit every now and then. I like to imagine I live there, sitting on the porch that faces the freeway on a hot summer night.  So, when I stumbled across these photos of abandoned homes in Detroit, I fell in love.


[Guest Post] You got love…you got hate…you got Brutalism

Prince Charles referred to the architectural style as “piles of concrete” and “rubble”. It’s been called “cold-hearted” and “monstrous”. Many opponents take note to the deterioration of concrete and claim that Brutalism disregards any historical content of a neighborhood and its surroundings, not to mention the high crime spawned in multi-residential homes in the wake of Brutalism. That last comment is arguable. The structures are called alien-like and cold. People really hate Brutalism.

Brutalism or New Brutalism as it was originally known as, was a philosophy in design rather than a mode. According to the Washington State Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation, the philosophical notion was “to create an aesthetic based on the exposure of a building’s…frame…and mechanical systems”. The style soon followed which rejected corporate autocracy and was accepted as an economical approach to long-lasting design. It was more or less a socialist way of thinking.

I haven’t the knowledge to know enough about the whole situation. I like some Brutalist buildings. A lot. I love concrete. A whole lot. In industrial design, designers like Paul Evans create some gorgeous pieces of work. Of course there are buildings and furnishings in the Brutalist style that I don’t like. I actually hate them. But, I don’t like all Modern design either. However, when Brutalism goes overboard–which it tends to do–it really is too much. When Modernism goes minimal, it’s never wrong.

You decide for yourself…

[Guest Post] Tokyo Underground

Photo study of Tokyo’s water control system.

Never in my life would I have imagined an underground system to look so amazingly wonderful and bissful.  The monolithic pillars and never ending concrete structures create a scenery of dark fantasy.  Plus, the wet floors make me think that there is some kind of placenta-like goo that sticks to your boots as you walk.  I know it sounds very goth of me (goths are people too), but the darkness of it all is in fact the beauty of it all.

Who’s up for a game of Dungeons and Dragons?


[Guest Post] Light & Space

I thought I’d deviate from the norm of the way design is usually presented in blogs. Today, I want to present space as a medium for art rather than the conventional functioning space. Although art and design are separate entities, it is incomprehensible to think that space as a medium for art is not design. Enter…

James Turrell is an artist from Pasadena, California who uses light as a medium for creating art. Unlike Dan Flavin, Turrell also utilizes natural light as as a medium by designing spaces that pronounce natural sky light. The Roden Crater located in Arizona is an actual crater acquired by James Turrell and is a prime example of his space and natural light conceptions. Turrell is also known for the manipulation of light creating illusions of matter that are nonexistent such as corners that appear to be three dimensional.

Be one with the universe, my child.

Tiny House

Have you heard of the tiny house movement? It means to live minimally in a compact footprint, where the outdoors is your main living space. It’s a nice idea, especially for this self-proclaimed homebody. If I owned one of these, I imagine that I’d be someplace close to paradise, where the sheer beauty would force me outdoors.

If so, my house would look like this tiny house.

And I would live happily ever after.

So, what do you think of the movement? Is it a fad that is short-lived?

Divine Staircases

I have a secret love affair with staircases. Nothing makes my heart flutter like the sight of a beautiful riser and tread. The only reason that I do not love them more than chairs is because I could never have more than one. And it makes me sad because I want them all. I want a breathtaking modern staircase, a highly decorative Victorian one, an art-nouveau one would be divine too. I want them all! Is it not the most awful thing that we have to choose just one?

Happy Friday! See ya next week!

Design is in the Details

They say that design is in the details. I totally agree. Without details anything would be ordinary.  It is the details that makes something magical and full of wonder.  Let’s take doors for example. I love doors. They make the first impression on the person experiencing the architecture.  And doors can be beautiful. Some have the most carefully thought out details.  Here is a small collection of some lovely door details.  Enjoy!

And have a good weekend!