Confessions Tuesday


I can’t believe that it has been nearly 5 months since my last confession.  The truth is, my lay-off, has thrown me off-track.  I never thought about the reality of not being employed and how my life would temporarily change.  It has been an experience to be a full-time mommy.  This time around with my second child, I have spent the majority his life solely caring for him.  In this sense, it has been a blessing- to get to spend so much time with my kids.  But I can’t deny that much of the last five months there has been a huge question mark, always in the back of my head.  Where will I be happy?  When will that opportunity come?

I changed direction in my career only a few months before being let go.  But the more time that I have had to reflect on this decision, the more I know that it was the right for me.  I spent the majority of my 20’s feeling lost.  I knew that architecture wasn’t what I was meant to do but I couldn’t put my finger on what other path to take.  This blog, which is really a journal for me, has given me so much insight on the fact that I am absolutely passionate about interiors.  All I do is dream about interior spaces and my short experience from working with clients has let me know that I love the challenge.  In time it will work out because I am fiercely committed and hopelessly in love with this thing called design.

But the real point of this post is to re-evaluate my purpose for blogging.  I started blogging thinking that I needed to put myself out there and just show my creative endeavors which quickly lead to the opening of my etsy.  But what is always on my mind is interiors.  So I am taking a blogging break to re-design my blog, re-think {and bring back} some weekly features, and of course to work on my house-the start of an interiors portfolio.  I have the time right now, and have new motivation. I promise I won’t be gone for long, I love this blogging thing too much.  It’s amazing the way that you feel connected to total strangers because of  common interests and pretty soon they are your blogging friends. It’s sorta funny.

And as far as my etsy, I am also re-evaluating.  I realize that I like to do things out of order, I guess I drum to my own tune.  Case in point- I had a baby, graduated school, and then married, totally out of order.  I have been working on a line of products with a partner and will launch a new etsy before the year is done.  Very excited to bring that to fruition.


Be back before you know it!




Confessions Thursday

Ironic that I would have Carrie Bradshaw running through my head, as my boss broke the news. When he spoke, I looked at his lips, pursing and opening, making sounds. The whole ordeal was a bit surreal.  And after a while, I realized that the company was letting me go. Twenty of us were laid off yesterday.

But I have a confession to make. I am not sad, but rather relieved. The threat of a lay-off had been looming over our heads for years. And to be quite honest, I wasn’t able to do what I love. And that can make a passionate person like me feel imprisoned.  What I learned about myself through my working experience is that I am an extremely creative and dedicated person.  I need to create and I am good at it.

So it seems that it’s time for the next thing. And as much as there is fear about the unpredictable, there is also excitement.  I have no idea where this new path will take me. But I have high hopes that it will lead me to where I am supposed to be.  And I imagine that it will be full of wonder…


Wish me luck on my new endeavors!



Confessions Thursday

{via Because It’s Awesome}

I have not done one of these in a while, so I feel that a confession is due. Sadly, I have decided to give myself a 3 week blogging break to fully concentrate on studying. Yes, it sucks. But as Meg so poetically put it, “Sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties.” And it’s exactly what I am doing. I will miss you all, but I promise to come back refreshed and hopefully a licensed designer!

With this sad news, I also bear good news. Usually I go on and on about lovely feminine things. So I thought it would be great to do a 180 and ask my good friend Richard Sanchez to guest blog during my departure. And he agreed, yay!

A little background on Richard. He is an up and coming very talented,self-taught designer. If you haven’t heard of Richard yet, I promise you will soon. He is just as passionate as I am about all things design and I am really excited to have him fill in for me.

So while I am working hard on getting my A, enjoy great posts from a male perspective {effective as of Monday.}



I am not Wonderwoman


I am not Wonderwoman. Though I like to pretend I am. Sometimes I take on too much and can be overzealous.  I suppose it’s part of my nature.

Let me explain, I am supposed to be studying for the NCIDQ Exam.  This licensure is what I need in order to call myself  an interior designer.  But because I have found that I really enjoy writing this blog and studying not so much, I am risking not passing my test.  And passing is very important to me.  So I have come to the decision that I will only post thoughtful and wordy posts, three times a week.  Twice a week I will repost something that I think is worth reposting minus any of my usual written critique.  It will be hard because I love to share my thoughts and opinions.  But it is for a better cause.  And if you catch an occasional typo after a night of late studying, do not think I am becoming tired of blogging.  On the contrary, it is a great joy to write this blog and I have only just begun.  Regular blogging will presume October 2nd, just in time for Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday.

Wish me luck!

Eerie Thought

A strange dream awoke me in the middle of the night.  I was a southern belle  living in past times.  Perhaps it was in the Antebellum period  because my home was a grand Plantation Estate. While strolling down the manor’s majestic wide porches, I wore a fitted lacy gown with a bustle and train.  Gently, I caressed the giant Doric pillars with my fingertips, looking beyond to the field of mature oak trees.  And then, my dress fluttered in the wind as I plunged, from the balcony, to my death.

I awoke, panting and breathing heavily.  It had been a nightmare.  This would continue to disturb me much of the morning and as the day progressed, I had an eerie thought. Though this simply was a dream, I will pass one day.  And as much I frequent estate sales, flea markets, etc.  the thought never crossed my mind.  I own the prized possessions of people who once lived.  Perhaps I own the pink jewelry  container that once housed a Depression Era woman’s wedding ring.  Maybe I own the childhood bed of a little boy who grew up the 40’s.  In fact, I know that I own a small vanity who once belonged to a great lady!

And then my mind continues to race.  What will happen to my belongings when I pass?  How about my beloved handmade crib which I spent months making?  What about  la petite maison!?   What will happen to the countless treasures that I have meticulously  selected for my home?  I imagine the inevitable destiny of my possessions.  A clear as day vision of my treasures discarded on a curb.  That horrifies me!

But then slowly, the fear subsides and a smile spreads over my face.  They are just things, right?  We can’t take them with us once we are gone.  All I can hope for is that someone will appreciate these lovely things and care for them in future generations.

But a warning to those who do not.  I will come back and haunt you, so beware.

Not All Those who Wander are Lost

Usually, I love to post about all things sugar and spice but I am a complex human being. And if I were Sybil, this post would be proof that a geeky boy lives inside me. Let me explain, I am a hardcore fan of Zombie movies. And perhaps this post should have been titled a confession because I am about to drop one on you. Not only am I a fan of anything Zombie, but I am also a firm believer that one day, we will awaken to a world where the once living walk. I promise, I am dead serious, not joking one bit.

When I was nine years old I snuck one of my older brother’s VHS. It was the 1960’s black and white version of Night of the Living Dead. I watched in terror over and over, convinced that it was foretelling of what would come.

Fast forward 20 years to today and you can see why I more than love this immaculately designed house.  This very impressive modern specimen, dubbed “Safe House” was designed by KWK Promes.

Beautifully expressed relationship of interior and exterior!
And then, the beginning of dusk…

No worries over losing your brains.  The movable partitions and iron clad gate keep harm at bay.

Totally safe.

Open position.

“Honey, I am home!”


Exterior gate open.

Exterior of concrete fortress closed.


You may be wondering why I chose to deviate from my usual pattern of design content.  There is a new Zombie flick coming your way.  I couldn’t help it, I got excited and had to share.

So remember next time you find yourself, alone on a desolate street and see a group of wandering individuals, not all those who wander are lost…they may be dead.

{If the video doesn’t play, which annoyingly happens a lot, click here.}

Confessions Wednesday

As a little girl, you would most likely find me laying on my living room floor, belly down, working out a puzzle.  It was my favorite childhood activity.  I loved the challenge of figuring it all out and the gratification of a job well done.  This trait has carried on into my adulthood. When friends have come to me, asking for advice, it has been my absolute pleasure to help them create beautiful spaces.  For me, it is always an adventure.  And from writing this blog, I realize that it is my biggest passion.  But sadly, I am running out of friends.  So I am extending my consulting services to you, my readers.  Do you have a design dilemma and would appreciate the opinion of someone who loves design?   Don’t be shy, send it in to  I have my pretty pink suitcase all packed, ready to go on my next decorating adventure!

Confession Thursday

I left you hanging last thursday.  Not nice of me, I know.  But now, I am ready to announce that I have officially started an Etsy store!  And I am oh, so excited!.  I have wanted to do this for a long time.  Though it truly is very scary, I am going for it. So whatever happens I can at least say that I tried.

A little background on the first item that I am putting for sale.  It is a print that was inspired by a dear friend.  It went along with the Luchador theme of her baby boy’s room.  I will be posting this room next week so make sure and come back.  My plan is to post new items to sell weekly.  But that’s enough talking.  To see click here.

Confessions Tuesday

I rent.  This may not be such a big ‘confession’ to lots of people, but let me explain.  I feel like a chef without her kitchen; a queen without her castle; a fat kid with an empty belly! I could go on and on.  Ok, I am being a bit melodramatic.  But with renting, there is only cosmetic changes that one can make to a dwelling.  I imagine walls being knocked down, a total kitchen redo, a dirty full blown renovation is what I want!   But alas, I do what I can.  I decorate as much as I can and it calms the hunger for now.  One day…one day…

That is why I have serious envy for designer Sarah Richardson.  I love her job and her life!  If you haven’t heard of her, the canadian designer has 3 shows on HGTV: Sarah’s House, Sarah’s House II, and Sarah’s Summer Cottage.  She takes on a renovation for each of the shows but the genius part is that the fixer-uppers belong to her.  How awesome to get paid for something that is so personal and a dream.  Sarah, watch out,  I may have just given you the evil eye.  Here is some of her work:

Yellow is actually one of my least favorite colors.  But she really makes it look lovely.

I believe the curtains are from Ikea. Well done! Could have fooled me into thinking that they were expensive.

Love, love her!  Did I convince you too?

Confessions Monday

Hi!  I am Dulce.  Welcome to my blog.

Just quickly, a little background: I’m from Houston, TX, went to school at U of H, where I studied architecture and minored in English.  I have worked as an architect for the past 4 years and have just recently switched to interiors.  Occasionally, I also help  the marketing department in graphics.  And to give  a visual, I am teeny tiny. I stand tall (hee-hee) at 4′-9″, hence LA VITA petite.

Back to the whole purpose. I have decided to start the first of my daily posts with a confession…here it goes.  It took me four weeks to muster the courage to post my first official post.  Yes, a whole 30 days.  I am chicken.  I have a hard time putting myself out there.  But I did, just now.  Hooray, for me! So yes, I have fears.  A little voice is whispering, “What if someone criticizess my work? Or worse, what if no one cares?”  But what the heck, life is short.  Someone smart once said, “Potential means you haven’t done it.”  Therefore, I am doing it.  Here I come blogworld!

Okay, that felt good to take off my chest. Please feel free to share what you think.  Don’t forget to show your friends, family, coworkers and lovers.