Client Project

If you have been following my blog, you know that when it comes to interiors….I have a certain aesthetic.  My personal taste is very girly, eclectic, and modern.  But when it comes to designing for other people, it should always be a happy compromise.

When my client first approached me about creating some boards for a newly renovated portion of her home, I have to say that I was a bit hesitant.  My client’s style was a lot more traditional than anything I have ever done before but I do love a challenge-yes I do.  I soon learned that though she did have this strong preferred aesthetic, she also had a really fun side, and more important than anything-she was very open to suggestions.  The lady of the house also loves pattern, especially bold ones. We def have in common, I love a good pattern. The client also had a flair for decadence. And what perfect opportunity to use luxurious (girly-ish) pieces, such as mirrored furniture and venetian mirrors. So my plan was to choose patterns and shapes with a traditional look/motif but keep the overall lines simple and modern.  A good example of this is the lamps.  I selected a very traditional shape like an urn but kept the shade a modern drum with clean lines. Another example is the rugs.  The patterns are very traditional in form like the paisley, but with the larger scale it gives it a touch of modern.  I tend to think that when something is ‘too modern’ or ‘too traditional’ it can fast be dated.  So I think balancing these elements is the key to longevity.

Here’s how her boards turned out:

1  2. Similar  3   4   5   6   7  8

 1  2  3  4   5   6A  6B    7   8  9  10

1   2  3  4    6  7

Thanks so much Mrs. Lozano, for being great to work with! I had fun. I can’t wait to see your end result!


From Dress to Room

Back in the day when Domino still reigned, there was a segment that I most enjoyed. It was the challenge of turning an outfit into a room. I always thought that it would be such a fun way of deriving inspiration for a space. Years later, I would meet a super fun chick who is also an awesome graphic designer. Her eye-catching wardrobe, I felt, would make a terrific room. We chatted up the subject and I discovered that she needed help designing an office space within her home. For her, it was her femme space to be creative and indulge her girly side. And she hinted to me that she was completely willing to diy (told you she was cool.) I have said it before,  I absolutely love a good challenge.

Here is what I came up with using her favorite outfit:

What do you think Ms. Mei? Did I live up to your challenge?

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1. Settee, 2. Art Prints& Pink Art Print, 3. Light Fixture & Tutorial 4. Liberty of London Fabric 5. Fabric for tackable board 6. Desk Accessories 7. Task lamps 8. Desk & Tutorial 9. Vintage Chair from CL. 10. Dress 11. Shoes

Adventures in E-Decorating

Last year, my dear friend came to me with a design dilemma.  She was 5 months pregnant and was overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities of what to do with her baby’s nursery.  Being that I love a challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to help.  What was most important to my girlfriend, was to have the room reflect her and her husband’s personalities. Knowing them both well, helped to quickly formulate the idea.  I drew up a storyboard and presented this to both:

A Luchador themed Nursery!

Let  me explain, her husband is very proud of his Mexican heritage.  He has several collections of Mexican things.  One of these collections consists of Mexican toy wrestlers, otherwise known as Luchadores.  These flamboyant wrestlers are very colorful…kids like color, I thought.  And that Is how the idea was born.

They both liked the direction and settled on the concept.   To start, I modified the colors of this clever print and derived the scheme from it.  The color palette consisted of a muted, grey-blue with pops of primary colors.  Stripes in the artwork and fabrics abstractly represent the Luchador’s fighting ring.  I  helped the mama-to-be with selecting fabrics. But soon after, I learned that I was pregnant myself and stepped out of the process.  My friend took control and finished the room.  Here is how it turned out:

Her father is a tailor and lovingly sewed together the rugs. He also made the striped baby blanket from an IKEA duvet.  Such a sweet personal touch!

In the concept board, I selected red fabric for this chair.  Later I changed my mind to blue because I preferred the contrast in tones. The striped roman shades and pillows sewn by the crafty mama with leftover duvet material.

Luchador giraffe available on etsy.

The mid century modern dresser serves dual purpose, doubling as a changing table.

She found this vintage typewriter table at an antique store.  Such a colorful vignette!

My Luchador Print!  Available at my Etsy store!

The room turned out like her little boy, adorable! I think she did an amazing job and really executed the idea.  I always say that once you have a direction, everything else just falls into place. This is a shining example.

Thanks Erika for letting me do my first from e-decorating to real room post!

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About once a week, I browse real estate listings. It has become a hobby of sorts.  Maybe it’s dreaming of the day when we purchase our first home. But, I think even after that initial purchase, I will continue looking. It’s the allure of the architecture, I suppose.

This week I found this little gem. It is Victorian in era, built-in the late 1800’s, and boy do I love thee.

Absolutely gorgeous! That is until, I got to the living room picture below. Um, did they forget to decorate?  Lovely bones, but in its current state, it leaves lots to the imagination.  So, I decided to e-decorate.

Here is my version below, starting with the finishes.  Ordinarily, I think white can be stark unless the room has great architectural features.  I would go even further and add more paneling and antique cornices to play up the character of the house.  Though the oak colored floors were nice before, I wanted more contrast.  Contrast usually makes a space feel smaller, but the 12′ ceilings could handle it. The ebony colored floors add richness to the space.  I also wanted the eye to be drawn up to the tall ceilings,  so I chose a Farrow & Ball Grey Skies blue to highlight.

For the decorating, I went eclectic.  The Mah Jong modular couch is a modern choice that I feel adds a lot of interest.  This version of the Mah Jong was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and has an overly decorative feel that the Victorian Era evokes.  {How would one sit in such a low couch, you ask.  Forget about that, this is a fantasy. } The chandelier though modern, has traditional lines.  Moodiness exerts from the dark color and the bulbous, feminine lines. Simple, long white sheers would, ever so slightly,  provide privacy without covering up the beauty of the windows.  And last, the artwork brings in fuchsia, peach, and several layers of blue.

A bit on the girly side. Yes, it is.  I am not sure if the hubs or baby boy would approve. But a girl can dream , can’t she?