Flavor of the Month: Turning 30

Did I mention that I will be turning 30?  I am.  In a few days, to be exact.  And I have mixed feelings.  On one hand, I feel more aware of myself than ever before.  But on the other, it seems like everything that I want to achieve is still not at reach and I am still climbing.  I wonder if life will be a constant climb.  I wonder if there is ever a point of arrival where you realize that life is as it should be.  Forgive my silly rant on this pivotal point in my life.  Sometimes my mind  gets the best of me.

Another thought, what colors would best represent turning 30?  Hmm…for this month,

I choose these:

Last month it was white + gold. What will next month’s flavor be?


White + Gold

Rain, rain. Go away. come again. another day!

Never did I think that I would wish for rain so much.  But as the 100+ degree heat wave lingers in southeast Texas, I am melting.  I find myself lusting after white {to not attract the sun} and gold {to reflect it away.}  Translated to interiors, it is a most refined color duo.  And it is reminiscent of a lost era.


Last month it was Fuchsia+Mint Green, what will the next flavor of the month be?

Have a fun labor day weekend!