Hearts a flutter

Here is a collection of the cutest heart-sy things I’ve come across lately.




Happy Valentines day!


A Christmas Story

A few years ago, I made stockings for my little family. This one is mine.

It was made from my Betsey Johnson-circa 2000, graduation dress.

This cutesy one is my daughter’s. I tried to persuade her to choose a pattern that would be more complementary with Betsey but failed.

“I want sprinkles!” she sternly said with her little arms wrapped tightly around her chest.

Sprinkles it was.

This one is my husbands.

A Christmas Story, is and forever will be, my fave. My husband shares this sentiment, so naturally I made a sexy leg for him. I must say that I was a novice at sewing when I made the stockings. But I managed to make them sans pattern. Have I not told you that I love a challenge!? One thing though, don’t look at the insides.  It is not pretty.

And the big present that year was a real size leg lamp ,of course! I knew that we would all enjoy it year after year and it has become a very special tradition for us. My husband still says it is the best present that he has ever gotten.

And I just now realized that I have a little man who is in need of a stocking.  Eek!  I have to take the dust off my machine! The last time I used it was when I went into labor.


So how about you?  What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

FRA–GI–LE…must be Italian

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

I cannot get that song out of my head.  Especially today, while bringing down our Christmas decorations.  Aww, don’t you love this time of year?  The weather puts me in such a good mood.  I am taking off early tonight to start decorating, but before I go, I could not help and show you just 1 mini-decoration.

Isn’t she a beauty!? She works too!  And she will be proudly displayed at La Petite Maison.

Off to decorate.

…ev’ry where you go…

Holiday Fete

{via Lonny}



Why does party sound so much fancier in French?

This dinner setup is just immaculate.  From the gold cutlery, to the leopard-print rimmed plate,  & to the flowers chosen, it is simply perfect.  Goldware is my current obsession.   And though I didn’t know it before, leopard print is too.

I am taking an early vacation to enjoy some doctor ordered R+R.

But before I go, I wish you the merriest fete surrounded by your loved ones.

Happy Turkey Day!

Harold does Halloween

Last night, was a perfectly still night, with cheerful weather

& good times with lovely friends.

Halloween is officially over. But before it is just a memory, here are the kids’ costumes.

Here are my little girl’s fairy wings drawn by, Harold, her little brother.

The mischievous boy, is pictured here, with his awesome handmade crayon.

The pettiskirt, I made two years ago for her 4th birthday. It was only my second sewing project and turned out to be a huge labor of love. I am so glad that she gets another years use out of it!

Off to bed now! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Scare or Treat

Don’t you love a good scare?  I do.  My mother was a huge fan of scary thrillers.  She would watch them while I was pretending to be asleep.  With a tiny slit of an open eyelid, I would watch in secret . I must have digested every single horror flick made in the 80’s and 90’s.  Over and over, I would watch, with absolute delight.  I have to admit that it is probably the root of the reason why to this day, I am afraid of the dark and why I insist on a platform bed.  Otherwise, something may crawl out from under the bed and get me.  And let’s not get started on open closets.

Here are some people in midst a good scare.


What do you think they were looking at?

Happy Friday!

Trick or Treat

Have I told you how much I love Halloween? I do. Ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to it. It was then, and forever will be my favorite holiday.  Since I was in grade school, I insisted on making my own costumes from scratch. I would start planning months and months before on what I would be for the year. I loved the costumes, the crafting, and the cheesy decorations.  Before this neo-craft movement that is happening, it was the one day of the year that us creative gals got to let it out. Halloween is our time to shine.

My all time best homemade costumes were the following, in no particular order: Betty Boop with a handmade little dog, Jessica Rabbit wearing 6 inch stiletto heels holding a homemade bunny, a raver playboy bunny wearing plastic see-through gigantic-bottomed handmade pants, the old lady from Sit and be Fit, and most recently-Punky Brewster-which I won first place-thank you very much!

Now that I have two little ones, I am so excited that I get to pass down my love for diy.  And what better way to do so than by making them one-of-a-kind costumes.  It could mean an all nighter.  As much as it is hellish at that point, the outcome is worth it in the end.

Last year, my little girl was all about Hello Kitty.  So a Hello Kitty costume it was.  I worked on the project for a solid 2 months.  I made everything from scratch.  Everything that is, minus the uniform attire polo shirt. The hat turned out to be the trickiest.  It’s something about the curvature of the head that makes it difficult.  But all in all, I think it came out nice.  And she was the only Hello Kitty, and a pretty cute one, I might add.

Here she is complaining about her feet hurting and wanting to call it a night, typical preschooler.

This year, is the year of the fairy, so it seems. And my little one? Since he can’t speak, I get to decide for him. Yay! I am thinking Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Imagine white cardboard cutouts outlined in purple paint…

What day is it again?  Yikes!   Going from one deadline to another.  That is life for me.  But it’s a sweet crafty sorta life.

So tell me, what are you going to be?  And will you be diy’ing?