Trending: Modern Toile

I adore toile. This old lady pattern holds a special place in my heart. It used to be that people cringed when I admitted to liking this terribly old-fashioned pattern. But lately, it has come around, like everything does in design.  I have spotted it numerous times recently.  So it looks like I am not the only one anymore.



I would kill for those balloon striped shades! And I like that this designer paired the toile with stripes.  Much like I did here.

I love the larger scale and the bold colors of this updated modern toile.

Lovely, isn’t it?


Trending: Swirly Painted Motif

I first sighted these swirly painted motifs in Ms. Kelly Wearstler’s grand foyer. This custom made wallpaper was inspired by her young boys. It looks like a young artist’s feverish scribbles.

Then, blogger Karly Hand, painted a yellow swirly motif on some canvas drapes meant for her baby’s nursery.

{via Design Crisis}

{via Mimi + Meg}

And today I stumbled on this black version of the swirls. The black adds a layer of sophistication that translates well to an adults room, don’t ya think?

So what do you think of this trend? Is it hot or not?