New Year 2012

{Pic by the lovely Erika.  New Year Banner-by me.

Rows of circular confetti banners-by Stephanie}

Hello! Hello!

So it is 2012. Wow.  Some say that we have less than a year left on earth.  Not to say that I am one of those believers but what if?  Well if this is our last year on earth, I vow to make this the best one. I admit that up to this point, in my 29 years, I am not perfect.  There is lots of room for improvement.  So allow me to share my resolutions.

1. To be more appreciative.

-My biggest passion in life is design. It consumes me.  I live and breathe it.  At times I find myself lamenting what I don’t have.  Sad, I know. But this year, I will shift gears, and focus on the things that I do have.  I have some pretty wonderful people around me.  My children of course being at the top of the list, my husband, my family, and the best circle of friends-who support me, forgive me, and love me.   I am truly lucky.  Well, for at least for 350 or so days, given the foretelling of the end of the world.

2. Pursue my dreams fearlessly.

-I was laid off this past november from a job that was not right for me.  Since then, I have had a lot more time to reflect and the ideas are bouncing {more on this to come soon.} It is an exciting time, but also a time for me to let go of reservations and risk failure.  What is the worse that can happen?  There is always a plan B. Or in my case C.  But nonetheless there is always something else, and at least I can say that I tried my hardest. And if Armageddon is upon us, fear of failure sounds like a silly thing.

3. To learn to relax.

-I am a self-professed workaholic.  I thrive on being under pressure.  What can I say, I love to work.  But sometimes it is all-I-do.  This year, I will squeeze in some time to do nothing and unwind. As I type, I am already getting the heebeegeebees.  This one, will be the hardest to keep.  But I can proudly say that I have already begun work on this one.  During my blogging break, I shamelessly spent 1 hour on the electrical for la petite maison, and countless hours spent talking with family and friends.  AND I delayed my return to blogging.  Oh the shame!

4. Take better pictures!

-I cringe at how often I end up with blurry images.  Sometimes I feel like I am the world’s worst photographer.  But I will improve.  And a much coveted better camera is in my horizon.  Thank goodness.

5, 6, 7.  Yoga. Exercise.  Must-take-off-baby weight.

And I could continue, but I have always been particularly fond of the number 7.  It seems like a good place to stop.

So what are your 2012 resolutions?  Any good ones you care to share?


Where I will be on Sunday


{via Cream Market}

12-6pm Sunday.

If you live in the Houston area, come do a little holiday shopping from some crafty friends.

{via Cream Market}

Cream Market will make its first appearance.  And I cannot wait to see what she has in store.  I imagine it will be pure overload but in a very lovely, imaginative way.


And these pair of sisters will also be showing for the first time.  Their sewn handmade-goods are a perfect reflection of their super-fun personalities.  I imagine that they have created some very girlie/granny-chic, & striped wearable goods.

Hope to see you there!


All work and no play makes La Vita Petite a dull girl indeed. The days are counting down to my upcoming test. And I find myself dreaming of a tropical far away place.

The only thing missing here is me. Gotta get moving!
Hope you have an adventurous weekend!

Celebratory Friday

This picture, I thought, was quite appropriate considering yesterday’s announcement. I love this picture. It’s so dreamy and girly.  I have a weird fascination for ballons, especially in masses.  Did you know that we are running out of Helium? It’s sad, but true! So let’s enjoy them while we can!

Happy Friday!