I’m a Giant: From {Granny} to {Granny-Chic}

So I admit that I have been a bit of a tease lately.  I know I have promised reveals and not delivered.  But today is a new day!

Remember this?

Last weekend, I went a little fuchsia-happy and am so pleased with the results!

What do you think? Is it not granny-chic!?

It is so saccharine sweet and my little girl is over the moon about it. OVER-THE-MOON!

I plan on making a tone-on-tone striped rug out of the fabric that you see peeking out from underneath.

But that is a story for another day.

Stay tuned!


From {shabby} to {chic}

When I first purchased this vanity at an estate sale, I fully intended to rehab. I liked the feminine lines but I didn’t really care for the paint job. Perhaps it was a clean white once.  I pictured the previous owner, an old lady, filling up her bedroom with thick smoke.  Maybe this is how it turned a yucky yellowish hue.  But like I said I planned on a refinishing. After all, I did not want shabby-chic. I wanted just chic.

So I hurried home, eager to transform it. I stripped the layers of shabby. Layer by layer, I did. And then sanded…oh how I sanded. Sanding & painting, sanding & painting. That is what it takes. Do I not sound like a Dr. Seuss poem at this length!?

Finally, I achieved my end result.  A crisp clean white little vanity.  I also added some amber crystal knobs from Restoration Hardware.

Later, I would go on to find this cute vintage chair at another estate sale.  It was originally a 1950’s sorta kitschy garden chair.  Someone down the line had made a tufted seat and back.  But it was a very outdated and kinda gross mustard yellow velvet fabric.  Nonetheless, it was a bargain at $6!  I brought it home, deciding that it would be my next project.

First, I spray-painted the metal frame white.  I then chose a toned-down cheetah print fabric.  The tufting was difficult, especially since it was my first upholstery project.  But I managed, learned, and finished.  Here it is:

And here is the finished vignette, from shabby to chic!

The modern Pablo Tube lamp adds a touch of modern to the slightly traditional lines of the vanity.  While the reupholstered chair adds a bit of whimsy and girlyness.  The  pink-milk glass,   jewelry container adds another layer of subtle femininity.  This sweet box is an art-deco piece that I found while thrifting. I may add that this is probably my absolute favorite inanimate possession.  And if I had to run out of a burning house and could take one thing, this would be it.

One day soon, I’ll get around to posting my whole bedroom.  Currently, it is still a work in progress.  Stay tuned!

Short and Sweet Project

A while ago, I purchased a malm dresser from IKEA for my 5 year old’s room.  For those who know me well, I hate buying furniture from IKEA.  I detest the thought of disposable furniture. Admittedly, I am a furniture snob.   Give me vintage!  Give me quality!  Give me real wood!  But I searched for months and months for the perfect, clean-lined dresser and I simply could not find one.  So, I gave in and bought the mass produced dresser.  I figure, if she’s  going to destroy a dresser, it may as well be a cheap one.  Not sattisfied with the mass manufactured look, I thought drawer pulls would personalize and add interest.  But again, I could not find the right ones.

Months passed before I would pick the project back up.  A few weeks ago while browsing eBay, I found some black circular drawer pulls and quickly bought 6 for a whopping total of $6.50 {including shipping.} Major score!  They arrived last week and I measured and drilled for a total project time of a mere 20 minutes.  I’d say that is a feel-good, instant gratification type of project, wouldn’t you agree!?

P.S. Check back next week for more pictures of my daughter’s sweet pink, black and white room!

The lamp was bought from Lamps Plus {love them!} Roman shade made from Jenny’s tutorial from Little Green Notebook.

One Man’s Trash is Another One’s Headboard

They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. I found this sad looking headboard for free on craigslist. Score! The poor condition and the very outdated 50’s fabric was reason enough for the prior owner to give away. Fully intending on reupholstering, I took it as-is. I liked the modern lines with a slight feminine curve. But it would sit in my bedroom unused for a year because I would not settle until I found the perfect fabric.

A few months ago I ordered some yards of grey houndstooth for my son’s nursery but I made a rookie mistake. Not ordering a swatch before placing my order, I ended up with a warm grey instead of a cold, manly grey. Making lemonade out of lemons, I used the fabric for the headboard. Though bold was not the look that I was going for in my bedroom, I am very pleased with the results. Quite a lovely accident, don’t you think?