New Toy: La Brass Lamp

No time to post today, but I had to show off my newest lamp.  It is gold, of course, and will go perfect with my etagere.  
{via the Modern Owl}
Things are slowly coming together in my living room and I can’t wait to share!

Happy Monday!


Playing with my Etagere

If you didn’t know any better, that kinda sounds naughty, huh?

After  coveting a gold etagere for what seemed like forever, I finally have one.  I am still working on the styling.  I would like to add vertical placed books with brass bookends and find a taller piece of sculpture to replace the Domino Book of Decorating on a stand.  But overall, I love the way that I can collect things and display them on this with the piece still looking light and non-cluttered.  Plus it fills an entire wall which can be costly to fill with art.

Oh and it is still super gloomy over here. It poured on the birthday party this past weekend. It turned out better than I thought and I got to spend time with some people who I don’t see enough. Good times.

Craigslist Finds

Remember my etagere lost?  Well, I think it pays to obsess persist, because I am now the proud owner of a gold etagere.  It is not exactly like the one I lost a few weeks ago but it is the perfect size and I cannot wait to style it.  Joy!

While searching, I did find this gorgeous dining table that I would completely snatch up if I wanted to completely redo my dining….no, i’ll step away from CL now.

Are those lucite chairs not heavenly!?  So fab!

Find it here.

You had me at Etagere

Is there such a thing as perfection?   Because to me, this comes quite close. First let me elaborate on that couch.  It looks strikingly similar to my Meyer Gunther Martini (which I have a strong feeling that this may be one as well,) it is a uniquely proportioned Chesterfield with cabriole style legs.  And did you notice those teensy arms?  Usually Chesterfields are very bulky and have a masculine appearance.  But this one is dainty, so it makes perfect sense that Mrs Emily chose pink for reuphopholstery.  She has such a fondness for asymmetrical compositions, even the coffee table is off-center.  I love it.  And I vow to stray away from symmetrical arrangement.  Symmetry is just so comforting which sometimes translates to boring.  Asymmetrical compositions, as Mrs. Henderson has proven, are much more dynamic.


I have been searching for a brass etagere like the one pictured for some time now.  On my birthday weekend, last month, I found a listing of this exact same style for $65.  But someone beat me to it since I had a weekend in Galveston.  I was planning on positioning it just like it is here, with my MGM in front, with styled shelves acting as visual interest.  I even had a small gold arc lamp in mind that would be placed where she has this lotus-shaped standing lamp, for reading.

Sigh.  This Craigslist loss will surely haunt me.

How about you?  Any Craigslist losses recently?