[Guest Post] You got love…you got hate…you got Brutalism

Prince Charles referred to the architectural style as “piles of concrete” and “rubble”. It’s been called “cold-hearted” and “monstrous”. Many opponents take note to the deterioration of concrete and claim that Brutalism disregards any historical content of a neighborhood and its surroundings, not to mention the high crime spawned in multi-residential homes in the wake of Brutalism. That last comment is arguable. The structures are called alien-like and cold. People really hate Brutalism.

Brutalism or New Brutalism as it was originally known as, was a philosophy in design rather than a mode. According to the Washington State Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation, the philosophical notion was “to create an aesthetic based on the exposure of a building’s…frame…and mechanical systems”. The style soon followed which rejected corporate autocracy and was accepted as an economical approach to long-lasting design. It was more or less a socialist way of thinking.

I haven’t the knowledge to know enough about the whole situation. I like some Brutalist buildings. A lot. I love concrete. A whole lot. In industrial design, designers like Paul Evans create some gorgeous pieces of work. Of course there are buildings and furnishings in the Brutalist style that I don’t like. I actually hate them. But, I don’t like all Modern design either. However, when Brutalism goes overboard–which it tends to do–it really is too much. When Modernism goes minimal, it’s never wrong.

You decide for yourself…