Rue goes to Mexico City

Rue Mag’s 6th edition was released yesterday. As I flipped though the pages, one particular spread jumped out to me. This spread featured a jewelry designer and pop artist’s amazing home. You see, I was born in Mexico City and really enjoy discovering more about the city.

I digress. The couple consisted of an american girl who fell for a chilango, in other words a mexican man. Their lives and personalities have blended beautifully in the form of decor. And the architecture provides a lovely backdrop to their eclectic array of belongings.

The house has a central courtyard that is typical of mexican residential architecture. I wish more houses in the US were laid out like this because it makes such nice spaces.

This chandelier is one of many in the house, chosen by the jewelry designer who has a fondness for sparkly things.

This dining space showcases the architecture of the old home. Tall ceilings such as these are perfect for the Beauty and the Beast looking chandelier. The colors chosen accentuate the intricate moulding. I love the Persian rugs juxtaposed with this almost cathedral-like space.  And I can’t resist those chunky legs on that wooden table.

I adore the wall color here that looks like coffee with too much milk. It works well with the black moldings.

Is this space romantic or what? The grand canopy bed dressed with shears and the black light fixture sure do create a sexy mood.

These handmade rope chairs are sometimes called Acapulco Chairs. They are all over mexico and every time I see them in a decor mag it makes me smile.

Ay, viva mexico!

But seriously, do you like Rue? What did you think about this issue?


From {shabby} to {chic}

When I first purchased this vanity at an estate sale, I fully intended to rehab. I liked the feminine lines but I didn’t really care for the paint job. Perhaps it was a clean white once.  I pictured the previous owner, an old lady, filling up her bedroom with thick smoke.  Maybe this is how it turned a yucky yellowish hue.  But like I said I planned on a refinishing. After all, I did not want shabby-chic. I wanted just chic.

So I hurried home, eager to transform it. I stripped the layers of shabby. Layer by layer, I did. And then sanded…oh how I sanded. Sanding & painting, sanding & painting. That is what it takes. Do I not sound like a Dr. Seuss poem at this length!?

Finally, I achieved my end result.  A crisp clean white little vanity.  I also added some amber crystal knobs from Restoration Hardware.

Later, I would go on to find this cute vintage chair at another estate sale.  It was originally a 1950’s sorta kitschy garden chair.  Someone down the line had made a tufted seat and back.  But it was a very outdated and kinda gross mustard yellow velvet fabric.  Nonetheless, it was a bargain at $6!  I brought it home, deciding that it would be my next project.

First, I spray-painted the metal frame white.  I then chose a toned-down cheetah print fabric.  The tufting was difficult, especially since it was my first upholstery project.  But I managed, learned, and finished.  Here it is:

And here is the finished vignette, from shabby to chic!

The modern Pablo Tube lamp adds a touch of modern to the slightly traditional lines of the vanity.  While the reupholstered chair adds a bit of whimsy and girlyness.  The  pink-milk glass,   jewelry container adds another layer of subtle femininity.  This sweet box is an art-deco piece that I found while thrifting. I may add that this is probably my absolute favorite inanimate possession.  And if I had to run out of a burning house and could take one thing, this would be it.

One day soon, I’ll get around to posting my whole bedroom.  Currently, it is still a work in progress.  Stay tuned!


About once a week, I browse real estate listings. It has become a hobby of sorts.  Maybe it’s dreaming of the day when we purchase our first home. But, I think even after that initial purchase, I will continue looking. It’s the allure of the architecture, I suppose.

This week I found this little gem. It is Victorian in era, built-in the late 1800’s, and boy do I love thee.

Absolutely gorgeous! That is until, I got to the living room picture below. Um, did they forget to decorate?  Lovely bones, but in its current state, it leaves lots to the imagination.  So, I decided to e-decorate.

Here is my version below, starting with the finishes.  Ordinarily, I think white can be stark unless the room has great architectural features.  I would go even further and add more paneling and antique cornices to play up the character of the house.  Though the oak colored floors were nice before, I wanted more contrast.  Contrast usually makes a space feel smaller, but the 12′ ceilings could handle it. The ebony colored floors add richness to the space.  I also wanted the eye to be drawn up to the tall ceilings,  so I chose a Farrow & Ball Grey Skies blue to highlight.

For the decorating, I went eclectic.  The Mah Jong modular couch is a modern choice that I feel adds a lot of interest.  This version of the Mah Jong was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and has an overly decorative feel that the Victorian Era evokes.  {How would one sit in such a low couch, you ask.  Forget about that, this is a fantasy. } The chandelier though modern, has traditional lines.  Moodiness exerts from the dark color and the bulbous, feminine lines. Simple, long white sheers would, ever so slightly,  provide privacy without covering up the beauty of the windows.  And last, the artwork brings in fuchsia, peach, and several layers of blue.

A bit on the girly side. Yes, it is.  I am not sure if the hubs or baby boy would approve. But a girl can dream , can’t she?