New Items in Etsy: Ugly Xmas Cards

Save the boring Christmas cards this year and get silly.

I promise, it will make every recipient giggle.

And PLEASE, include a funny picture in your worst sweater like these fools.


Set of 10 here, & set of 25 available here.

Hipsters not included with purchase.

My little Sunshine

My little boy is growing fast.  Since he learned to crawl, he is always on the move.  He’s a busy little thing, quietly exploring his surroundings.  When I get home, I drop my purse on the counter and I hear something coming from around the corner.  My sweet boy  charges and stops short of my legs, clapping and squealing.  As he extends his little arms to me, I pick up my little ray of sunshine.

It is the best part of my day.

And suddenly, I have a song stuck in my head.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine….

Show Off Wednesday

If you have read my about, you know that I enjoy showing off. But never before did I have a platform such as this little blog.  Think of this more as a grown-up show and tell, with me doing all the showing.

I thoroughly enjoy graphic design. What I like most is the scale of it. Some people have a though time thinking small, but not me, no siree. The challenge of jumping from one scale to another is what gets me. First exhibit coming up.

This original logo and business card, I designed for a photographer. He is well-traveled and an all around super cool guy. The design really suited him.

Like what you see?  If you do, great! Contact me, and we can discuss rates.

New Items in Etsy Store!

I envy you October birthday people.  I wish I was born in October so that I could celebrate with a decked out Halloween party.

The first two pictures are a set of birthday invitations, made for my sweet little nephew. Now, I can pass them on to others boys and ghouls lucky enough to be born in this super fun month.  Free printable birthday banner included with both.

The last is a Pumking Carving invitation…did I not say that this is the best month of the year?

All invitations are custom. You email me the info and I will email you a printable pdf.

See listings here, here, & here.

White + Gold

Rain, rain. Go away. come again. another day!

Never did I think that I would wish for rain so much.  But as the 100+ degree heat wave lingers in southeast Texas, I am melting.  I find myself lusting after white {to not attract the sun} and gold {to reflect it away.}  Translated to interiors, it is a most refined color duo.  And it is reminiscent of a lost era.


Last month it was Fuchsia+Mint Green, what will the next flavor of the month be?

Have a fun labor day weekend!