I’m a Giant: From {shabby} to {bling!}

This is a long overdue before and after.  I started way back here.  But I ran into major problems with gold leafing.  The guy at the Art Supply store warned me that it would be difficult.  And I didn’t listen, nor did I read the instructions or even googled for a tutorial.  I just winged it.  My first attempt came out pretty smooth and nice on the exterior with the exception of a few spots that wouldn’t fully take the gold leaf.  I figured I could just add another layer. But then I tried leafing the inside of the open shelves and I couldn’t get the gold leaf to stick.  So I kept adding.

Layer. after. layer. after. layer.

And somewhere between those layers, I began to get frustrated and impatient.  You could see the caked up leaf in some spots by this point.  Stubbornly, I proceeded, confident that I could mask with yet another layer.

The husband, stopped in front of my work area one day and casually said,

“It looks like chunks of gold nuggets.”

He was right.

So, perfectionist that I am, I started to sand. and. sand. and. sand. And sand.

But the thing with gold leaf is that you have to apply a very sticky adhesive, so that the gold will stick.  And when you sand, the adhesive starts to come through like a big gooey mess.  So at this point I was considering trashing the whole dresser, but I couldn’t bring myself to not finish.  After 3(!) coats of stripper and 2(!) coats of Goo Begone, it was ready to be gold-leafed again.

And long story short,


Here is the finished dresser.

Phew!  I am exhausted just thinking about it.

I guess persistence does pay off.  But lesson learned, NEVER wing it, ALWAYS google.


Just a few more days till you see it in it’s proper setting.

Can’t wait to finish!


I’m a Giant: Found Camera!

I just now found my camera cord, yay!  On to the eye-candy.

I shot these pictures today and it was pretty dark and cloudy, so bear with me.The kitchen isn’t done. I am working on a rug and a tablecloth. Plus I have ordered {2} black bentwood chairs to satisfy my fetish.  Oh and the wallpaper here will be amazing…I hope.

I love footed appliances.  Doesn’t it look like it’s going to walk away?  So cute.

The powder room is well under way. In retrospect, I should have bought a footed tub.  But sometimes you have to work with what you got.

I can’t wait to show-off the wallpaper.  It will be to die-for and totally made by me.

The chinnoiserie dining room is coming along. I know it doesn’t look chinnoiserie yet, but just wait.  There will be wallpaper along a core wall.  In fact, I only selected wallpaper for the core walls.  It’s sort of like a feature wall, though I actually prefer a head to toe pattern.  But in this instance, I felt that it was important to keep the exterior walls true to the architecture.

And this is the dressing room.  Though It is still bare, I love the understated femininity of the patterned carpet and the Eames.

So there you go.  Another tease sneak-peek before the new deadline of Feb.1st. I can’t wait myself to see these core walls up!

And if you have missed the process and are curios, click here.

Have a good weekend!!!

I’m a Giant: From {blank} to {blank}

Remember my mini-shopping spree?

I bought.

I painted.

I conquered.

And I love, love..


And because I love you, today you get two mini-before & afters.

Here you go!

I am totally smitten by these chairs!  They make the formal dining area in La Petite Maison look incredibly fab! Not to give too much away, but I am working on some Chinoiserie wallpaper for the little fancy dining space.  And speaking of, don’t you love the word, chinoiserie?  Maybe I am weird, but I love the way it rolls off my tongue.



More mini projects coming this week.

Stay tuned!

I’m a Giant: From {Granny} to {Granny-Chic}

So I admit that I have been a bit of a tease lately.  I know I have promised reveals and not delivered.  But today is a new day!

Remember this?

Last weekend, I went a little fuchsia-happy and am so pleased with the results!

What do you think? Is it not granny-chic!?

It is so saccharine sweet and my little girl is over the moon about it. OVER-THE-MOON!

I plan on making a tone-on-tone striped rug out of the fabric that you see peeking out from underneath.

But that is a story for another day.

Stay tuned!

Stalking Martha

Note to self: I must have a bigillion Prisma pencils such as this,

organized and gradating in every color of the rainbow.

I MUST have shelves, upon shelves, upon shelves of orderly craft supplies, neatly displayed for easy use.

{via Pinterest}

I WILL have a craft/laundry room one day.  Is this not the best idea ever?!  I can imagine spending hours in there doing “laundry.”  This would be my happy place and the husband would never suspect.



Or even this sweet little nook will do.  Just as long as there are lockable doors.

What’s with the crafty spaces, you ask?

I had a busy weekend working on La Petite Maison projects.  And I have to say that it is really coming together!  So exciting!

But I digress.

I spent 5 hours making a coffee table.  Well, the first time that is.  Let me explain.

After holding the sides of the table to allow the glue to completely dry, I set it down on my makeshift work area.  I admired my work briefly before my five-year jumped on top of my bed, slid on my silky sheets and landed with a thump, like a giant on top of my masterpiece.

The second mishap was due to my husband not being able to see the tiny acrylic coffee table. In what seemed like slow motion, I yelled, “NOOOOO!” As his shoe kicked it clear across the room, breaking in several pieces.

Needless to say, I would kill for a craft room.  One where I could leave sharp things out and just lock the door!  One where I can create while sitting on an ergonomically correct chair without my back-breaking!  A space where everything has a place and where I have no worries!


So currently I am stalking Martha.  Here is her craft space.

Can you imagine what madness goes on in here?  I imagine that behind doors and inside drawers are the most spectacular things.  I am like a kid in a candy store just thinking of it.  I can smell her lavender-scented drawer liners and can feel the stacks of beautifully organized paper.  I am weak in the knees!


Watch out Martha I am watching you.

I’m a Giant: Granny-Chic

Remember this little sample board?

Well, I finally found a perfect bed for this girly bedroom. What sold me was the granny-knitted bed spread.

Imagine how lovely it would be dyed a fuchsia pink. Yes ma’am! I call it granny-chic!

If you think about it, grannies are very cool. Our mothers generation wanted no part in crafting or diy’ing. But the grandmothers, they have so much in common with our generation. Just think about it. Women gathering, perhaps sipping on wine, gossiping and immersed in their craft. Sounds like fun and a whole lot like what my circle of girlfriends love doing.


Stay tuned because I can’t wait to show you!

I’m a Giant: Update

I have started selecting artwork for La Petite Maison. I tend to lean towards graphic and girly. Hoping that I can frame all three by weekend’s end.

I have also started to think about the second bedroom. Remember that the first bedroom will be very pink and done to a five-year olds specifications. The second bedroom will be slightly more grown-up and glam. So I have begun contemplating the idea of leopard print carpet. I would just about die for a space with leopard print flooring.

{via Domino}

Isn’t it dreamy?  And paired with a very masculine Eames, it would tone down the girly.


See you next week!

I’m a Giant: The Scary Stairs

First, as promised, the reveal of the finished kitchen floor.


Sorry for the yellow picture. It is dark outside and could not wait to show.

You have to admit that the tile is awesome.  I made the graphic based of a real product.  These handpainted tiles are made in Marrakech. And they are drop-dead gorgeous! Don’t they look like a modern rug? They add instant drama and  I would highly recommend for a human scale reno.  Find these tiles here.

So the kitchen is bare.  But bare with damn good bones, if I do say so myself.  My plan is to purchase a appliances and make custom cabinetry with open shelving to keep things airy.

Now on to something that is more season appropriate.  I have been thinking about this thing since I first started the dollhouse.

Here is the sweet colonial Kit bought off eBay stock photo.

Does it remind you of anything? Anything scary, that is?

Now, does this look familiar?  If you are a horror movie freak like me, you got it. But if not, here’s another reminder.

If you watched Nightmare on Elm Street like a million times like I did as a teen, you know this song by heart:

one, two

Freddie’s coming for you 

three, four

better lock your door

five, six

grab a crucifix

seven, eight

better stay up late

nine, ten

never sleep again!

So, I always had in mind that if I was going to decorate a colonial house, I would somehow incorporate this little rhyme. Oddly enough while building the stairs, as I was humming, I noticed that there were just enough risers to spell out in a graphic way.

But it is not my style to not do pretty.

Enter toile, my new obsession.

I have posted a few posts on the traditional pattern.

I love how romantic it is and how it depicts parisian settings.

While I have a fondness for the old, I also believe in innovation.  Timorous Beasties produced a modern interpretation where the colors are richer, more saturated and the settings are no longer in paris, but rather the streets of New York.  I had to use it somewhere.  Can you blame me?  It’s modern toile and fuschia.


But enough explanation, I know you are dying to see. Here is the start of my scary stairs.  

Well not so scary, really. They are pretty, aren’t they? Or am I the only weirdo who thinks so?
Happy Halloween!

I’m a Giant: Mini Furniture Shopping

This weekend I curated some amazing finds for La Petite Maison.

The colonial windsor bench you see here along with these hippie-60’s wicker chairs are destined for one another. They belong together. I love how they are similar in form but from wildly different periods. With a coat of new paint and an added colorful cushion, the pieces will be brought back to this era.

These brass hinges and closures will brace the frame of a mini acrylic coffee table.

Here, Lonny shows a real, life-size acrylic coffee table that houses books. In the dollhouse, the coffee table will hold colorful blankets for those oh-so-cold winter nights.


Oh-my-goodness, I am officially mini-obsessed!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the newly ’tiled’ kitchen floor.

It is to-die-for!

I’m a Giant progress…sort of

I expected to have a lot more done by this post, but a tragedy occurred.

Casualties of a five-year old, I suppose.

So I spent much of my dollhousing time fixing broken things.  But I did manage to order samples and put together a game plan.

First up…

I was able to find this geometric patterned upholstery fabric that I am going to use as wallcoverings-I think.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to mount it on the wall.  Any ideas??? If it doesn’t work out, I fully intend on making curtains.  I am in love with the tone-on-tone polka dot fabric.  It is to die for!


This one is going to be super pink! My little girl wants a hot pink room now that she is out of toddler years. So pink it is. I am planning to use lots of reflective finishes like brass, gold, and this awesome metallic floor that looks pixilated.


I wanted this tile flooring for my own real-size home. But it is pretty expensive folks. Basically you would have to promise your child to Rumpelstiltskin to be able to cover your floors in this product. They are amazing handmade tiles. But I plan on making my own, graphically that is, not handmade.

So there you have it. I am soo ready to begin and can’t wait to show you the tiled kitchen. Weekend warriors here I come!

If you want to se the whole progress, click here.