Confessions Tuesday


I can’t believe that it has been nearly 5 months since my last confession.  The truth is, my lay-off, has thrown me off-track.  I never thought about the reality of not being employed and how my life would temporarily change.  It has been an experience to be a full-time mommy.  This time around with my second child, I have spent the majority his life solely caring for him.  In this sense, it has been a blessing- to get to spend so much time with my kids.  But I can’t deny that much of the last five months there has been a huge question mark, always in the back of my head.  Where will I be happy?  When will that opportunity come?

I changed direction in my career only a few months before being let go.  But the more time that I have had to reflect on this decision, the more I know that it was the right for me.  I spent the majority of my 20’s feeling lost.  I knew that architecture wasn’t what I was meant to do but I couldn’t put my finger on what other path to take.  This blog, which is really a journal for me, has given me so much insight on the fact that I am absolutely passionate about interiors.  All I do is dream about interior spaces and my short experience from working with clients has let me know that I love the challenge.  In time it will work out because I am fiercely committed and hopelessly in love with this thing called design.

But the real point of this post is to re-evaluate my purpose for blogging.  I started blogging thinking that I needed to put myself out there and just show my creative endeavors which quickly lead to the opening of my etsy.  But what is always on my mind is interiors.  So I am taking a blogging break to re-design my blog, re-think {and bring back} some weekly features, and of course to work on my house-the start of an interiors portfolio.  I have the time right now, and have new motivation. I promise I won’t be gone for long, I love this blogging thing too much.  It’s amazing the way that you feel connected to total strangers because of  common interests and pretty soon they are your blogging friends. It’s sorta funny.

And as far as my etsy, I am also re-evaluating.  I realize that I like to do things out of order, I guess I drum to my own tune.  Case in point- I had a baby, graduated school, and then married, totally out of order.  I have been working on a line of products with a partner and will launch a new etsy before the year is done.  Very excited to bring that to fruition.


Be back before you know it!




Big Statement Chandeliers and Kid Rock

I am back!  Nola was so much fun!  I’ll share some pictures later in the week.  Before then, I have to tell you the bizarre highlight of the trip…antiquing with Kid Rock.  No joke.

I’ll explain. Since I love old things, I knew I wanted to devote a day to Magazine Street which is known for the abundance of antique stores.  I walked into an upscale store called Bush Antiques and while gawking at a brass bed, in strolls Kid Rock with his bodyguard and entourage.  What is really ironic is that a few days ago at MLB lecture/book signing, one of the projects that the designer to celebrities showed happened to be Kid Rock’s newest home.  Mr Bullard talked about one design meeting that was held in Kid Rock’s kitchen, complete with a stripper pole and a group of gogo dancers.  So naturally, I wanted to go up to Kid Rock and casually say, “I saw your house.”  But that would have been really creepy, right?  So I turned chicken and just followed him for a minute and then walked out.  I wish I would have stayed in the store a bit longer to see what he purchased.  Nonetheless, I sorta feel like I brushed elbows with celebrities last week, and I guess I literally did.

Yeah, it was weird.

But back to real life.  I have been thinking of my chandelier problem.  And I found some nice examples of large pendants that make a big statement.

Observe below:


I love how this one above has a teeny-tiny tabletop with that enormous crystal chandelier.  It has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel, in a good way.

I think this one is even bigger than the Saarinen table below. Lovely.

So I feel better about the whole over scaled chandelier thing.  It’s better to be noticed than not, right?  Oh and I found this picture below while searching this subject and I am in love.  I lurve the modern acrylic box that houses the very traditional chandelier.  Hmm, maybe when I get tired of my bamboo chandie, I may do this to change up the look.  It would be an awesome diy.{via}

You know, I always thought I would be a crazy, star struck person if i ever ran into a celebrity.  But I am glad that I wasn’t.  How about you, care to share any run-ins with celebs?

from {vignette} to {outfit}

Last week I posted this dreamy outfit.  I soon realized after posting that I knew why I gravitated so much to the fashion ensemble.  It  reminds me so much of my vanity vignette.  All the same elements are there, slightly modern, a little vintage, and subtle girly.  Yes that is me alright.

Vanity project posted here.

Soft Interiors: Lisa Martensen

While working on my dollhouse deadline, Ivy and Piper arrived in my inbox.  I confess that I did flip through the mag.  I couldn’t help it.  Interior design is my biggest vice.  Most times I lust after bold styled interiors.  And other times, perhaps in midst of a stress-provoking deadline, I yearn for a more subdued feel, where there is less stimulation and more relaxation.  Enter Lisa Martensen, a Dallas based designer.  For her home in Dallas she used a palette of creams, whites, sages, and natural materials creating soft interiors.

Lately, I have had such a thing for chinnoiserie.  So of course this soft sage-grey scene of pagodas and asian motifs spoke to me.  Here, it exudes such dreamy calming vibes.  Take out the stuffed animal,s and it could be a magical adult space.

This image shows a perfectly styled bookshelves using natural elements and earth tones.  Styling bookshelves is probably one of my favorite decorating activities.  It’s so much fun to ‘play’ with objects and create vignettes. And this shows that you don’t have to go bold all the time.

And of course I have to include a picture of the ultimate girly space-the vanity.  The light color surfaces and the use of mirrors, create such a soothing stress-free feel.
{all images via Ivy and Piper}

So what about you?  What mood are you in when it comes to interiors?

Lonny does Metallics

Lonny’s Nov/Dec issue was just released. What I gravitated to the most is a bit odd for me. Usually, I go ga-ga for dreamy interiors. But the perfectly curated collection of objects here, make my heart sing.  And might I add, that the ultra-femme font doesn’t hurt either.

I adore this warm-neutral palette with season appropriate use of shiny, reflective-metallics.

Can you imagine a room designed around this!? I would just die!

And here, a cold-neutral palette accented by silver. Tres chic, no?!
{via Lonny}

Make sure you check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Designer Spotlight: Richard Sanchez

Today, I post an overdue story about my guest blogger, Richard Sanchez.  He first impressed me when I walked into his former apartment.  Richard used a palette of vivid color with rich patterns that was unexpected.  Traditional persian rugs and an eclectic array of furnishings made the space moody and really interesting.

Richard was also one of the five designers selected to design a model unit for the Houston House apartments.  The challenge was to make the 610 sq. ft. unit the most it could be on a very tight, $1500 budget while respecting the architecture. Richard rose to the premise with a selection of appropriately scaled furniture that prove small spaces can be dynamic.  Strategic color blocking defined areas and visually light elements amplified space.  What I loved most is the way that he used iconic mid-century pieces and mixed in contemporary seamlessly.

Well done.

Houston House Photos by Jill Hunter

And thanks again Richard for taking over for me for 3 whole weeks!

See more on Richard Sanchez here.

From Dress to Room

Back in the day when Domino still reigned, there was a segment that I most enjoyed. It was the challenge of turning an outfit into a room. I always thought that it would be such a fun way of deriving inspiration for a space. Years later, I would meet a super fun chick who is also an awesome graphic designer. Her eye-catching wardrobe, I felt, would make a terrific room. We chatted up the subject and I discovered that she needed help designing an office space within her home. For her, it was her femme space to be creative and indulge her girly side. And she hinted to me that she was completely willing to diy (told you she was cool.) I have said it before,  I absolutely love a good challenge.

Here is what I came up with using her favorite outfit:

What do you think Ms. Mei? Did I live up to your challenge?

Do you have a design dilemma? Send it in to You may be my next decorating adventure!

1. Settee, 2. Art Prints& Pink Art Print, 3. Light Fixture & Tutorial 4. Liberty of London Fabric 5. Fabric for tackable board 6. Desk Accessories 7. Task lamps 8. Desk & Tutorial 9. Vintage Chair from CL. 10. Dress 11. Shoes

Feeling so Fancy

Have you seen Sophia Copula’s Marie Antoinette?  If you have not, and you have an interest in decor, I urge you to do so.  It is complete and total eye-candy.  The colors, the period architecture, the costumes are a designer’s frou-frou fantasy.


Now that I own a gorgeous, Meyer Gunther Martini couch, I feel so fancy, like Queen fancy.  Imagine a color palette of sweet pastels, rich-luxurious fabrics, and delicate-muted patterns.   While I can’t go total Marie Antoinette (i.e. my husband and little man),there will be extravagantly feminine pieces in this new living space that I am dreaming of.

It will be lovely.

Nesting Tables for Kids

{Via SwissMiss}

I am finally finishing up my little one’s nursery.  Yes, just now, getting around to adding the details which are so important to a space.  These cute stepping stools inspire me to adapt the idea and recreate using plain nesting tables.  That way, my little boy can grow into each size.  Maybe my version will be more colorful. Now to find the perfect ones!