[Guest Post] How It’s Pronounced…kind of

When I first began my love for mid century modern, I found that I would often struggle with the pronunciation of the names of certain designers.  Hell, I was baffled with Saarinen’s name for the longest time, which most people actually mispronounce.  Considering most of us here aren’t from Finland it’s OK (E-ro Sah-rinen, by the way–roll your “Rs”).  Once you think you have the name of a designer down, somebody else comes along with their own version.  One of us has to be wrong.

Here’s but a small list of names for you to learn.  Now, you’re four names ahead of everybody else.
Photo #1: Arco Lamp by Achille Castiglioni /Ah-kee-leh  Cah-stah-lee-Oh-nee/

Photo #2: Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen  /Ar-ne  Yah-cup-sen/

Photo #3: 654LC (Jens Risom Lounge chair) by Jens Risom /Yens  Ree-some/

Photo #4: Wassily Chair (pronounced Vassily) Marcel Breuer /Mar-sell  Broy-er/

Photo #5 Cantilever Sofa by Milo Baughman /My-loh  Boff-man/

Disclaimer: if you pronounce some of these names the correct way in public, you’ll probably be laughed at, and you just might come across as a pretentious jerk.