I’m a Giant: From {shabby} to {bling!}

This is a long overdue before and after.  I started way back here.  But I ran into major problems with gold leafing.  The guy at the Art Supply store warned me that it would be difficult.  And I didn’t listen, nor did I read the instructions or even googled for a tutorial.  I just winged it.  My first attempt came out pretty smooth and nice on the exterior with the exception of a few spots that wouldn’t fully take the gold leaf.  I figured I could just add another layer. But then I tried leafing the inside of the open shelves and I couldn’t get the gold leaf to stick.  So I kept adding.

Layer. after. layer. after. layer.

And somewhere between those layers, I began to get frustrated and impatient.  You could see the caked up leaf in some spots by this point.  Stubbornly, I proceeded, confident that I could mask with yet another layer.

The husband, stopped in front of my work area one day and casually said,

“It looks like chunks of gold nuggets.”

He was right.

So, perfectionist that I am, I started to sand. and. sand. and. sand. And sand.

But the thing with gold leaf is that you have to apply a very sticky adhesive, so that the gold will stick.  And when you sand, the adhesive starts to come through like a big gooey mess.  So at this point I was considering trashing the whole dresser, but I couldn’t bring myself to not finish.  After 3(!) coats of stripper and 2(!) coats of Goo Begone, it was ready to be gold-leafed again.

And long story short,


Here is the finished dresser.

Phew!  I am exhausted just thinking about it.

I guess persistence does pay off.  But lesson learned, NEVER wing it, ALWAYS google.


Just a few more days till you see it in it’s proper setting.

Can’t wait to finish!


I’m a Giant: Yay! Lighting Kit Arrived!

Oh joy! Just in time for Christmas break, the kit arrives. I really wish that the little people who live inside the walls would help me install the teeny-tiny nails.  But I am so excited! I really am.

I will be taking the rest of the year off to work on some side projects.  I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

See you next year!

P.S. I have just updated my blogroll.  Recently, I have found some pretty great new blogs and have revisited some oldies {to me} but goodies.  Hope you enjoy!

I’m a Giant: Mini-Project

Buried deep in my closet, I have a secret of sorts that is overflowing.  It is a box that holds supple leathers, silky fabrics, and strips of bass wood.  These lovely materials peek out in a magnificent array of colors and textures. I have carefully gathered these treasures overtime. And at the risk of sounding like a hoarder, I admit that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to ‘save’ something in hopes of  repurposing.

Like this drainage mat below, for example, which a former co-worker of mine handed to me, while cleaning her desk.  I was going to put it up in the resource center’s miscellaneous box, but I somehow knew that I could make something with it for La Petite Maison.  I liked the sculptural form of the plastic.  And at first thought I was going to make mini-art with it.  But it was hard to manually cut.  So I held on to it for about a year.

Do you remember this project?  I had several of the tinyi-screws left over.  And somehow it came to me.  I would make a shower curtain that resembled this modern laser cut version.

I love the way that these translucent panels if laid-out  properly, could define a space.

I merged the screws and ‘panel.’ And voila!

This is definitely a more abstract version of the Tord Boontje panels.  But they look great in the space and are ever so lovely as a modern shower curtain.

Forgive me folks, but I am saving the big reveal for another two weeks.  So all you get for now is this mini-project peek.

I know, I am such a tease.

I’m a Giant: From {blank} to {blank}

Remember my mini-shopping spree?

I bought.

I painted.

I conquered.

And I love, love..


And because I love you, today you get two mini-before & afters.

Here you go!

I am totally smitten by these chairs!  They make the formal dining area in La Petite Maison look incredibly fab! Not to give too much away, but I am working on some Chinoiserie wallpaper for the little fancy dining space.  And speaking of, don’t you love the word, chinoiserie?  Maybe I am weird, but I love the way it rolls off my tongue.



More mini projects coming this week.

Stay tuned!

I’m a Giant: From {Granny} to {Granny-Chic}

So I admit that I have been a bit of a tease lately.  I know I have promised reveals and not delivered.  But today is a new day!

Remember this?

Last weekend, I went a little fuchsia-happy and am so pleased with the results!

What do you think? Is it not granny-chic!?

It is so saccharine sweet and my little girl is over the moon about it. OVER-THE-MOON!

I plan on making a tone-on-tone striped rug out of the fabric that you see peeking out from underneath.

But that is a story for another day.

Stay tuned!

I’m a Giant: Mini Furniture Shopping

This weekend I curated some amazing finds for La Petite Maison.

The colonial windsor bench you see here along with these hippie-60’s wicker chairs are destined for one another. They belong together. I love how they are similar in form but from wildly different periods. With a coat of new paint and an added colorful cushion, the pieces will be brought back to this era.

These brass hinges and closures will brace the frame of a mini acrylic coffee table.

Here, Lonny shows a real, life-size acrylic coffee table that houses books. In the dollhouse, the coffee table will hold colorful blankets for those oh-so-cold winter nights.


Oh-my-goodness, I am officially mini-obsessed!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the newly ’tiled’ kitchen floor.

It is to-die-for!

I’m a Giant progress…sort of

I expected to have a lot more done by this post, but a tragedy occurred.

Casualties of a five-year old, I suppose.

So I spent much of my dollhousing time fixing broken things.  But I did manage to order samples and put together a game plan.

First up…

I was able to find this geometric patterned upholstery fabric that I am going to use as wallcoverings-I think.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to mount it on the wall.  Any ideas??? If it doesn’t work out, I fully intend on making curtains.  I am in love with the tone-on-tone polka dot fabric.  It is to die for!


This one is going to be super pink! My little girl wants a hot pink room now that she is out of toddler years. So pink it is. I am planning to use lots of reflective finishes like brass, gold, and this awesome metallic floor that looks pixilated.


I wanted this tile flooring for my own real-size home. But it is pretty expensive folks. Basically you would have to promise your child to Rumpelstiltskin to be able to cover your floors in this product. They are amazing handmade tiles. But I plan on making my own, graphically that is, not handmade.

So there you have it. I am soo ready to begin and can’t wait to show you the tiled kitchen. Weekend warriors here I come!

If you want to se the whole progress, click here.

I’m a Giant: Here I Come!


So this may be old news to you by now, but while on hiatus, I caught wind of this challenge.  And let me tell you how much it made my day.  Oh my, how I love thee, dear Emily!  Basically summarized, my pretend BFF, Emily Henderson conjured up a miniature dollhouse-along competition.   As you know I have a dollhouse project but have been slacking for some time now.  Well, this is perfect opportunity for me to finish up this endeavor.  And thank goodness that I already have a shell in place. Otherwise, it would be an even bigger (tee-hee) race to the finish line.

So I feel a status report is in order.  Currently, La Petite Maison, is 60% finished.  How did I come up with that percentage, you ask?  Well I figure that the exterior was 50% and I have already started to finish out some of the interior.  But the interior partitions are non-existent.  To be honest, I haven’t decided if I want an open concept with columns or traditionally separated spaces with demising walls.  The stairs is another problem. The oddly-planned stairs went right into the living room, leaving little space for actual living.  And the banisters are ridiculously out of scale.  I simply could not install as-is.  I really was avoiding making a staircase from scratch but it seems inevitable.  Huge project, I know (lol).

To keep myself on schedule, I decided to create a timeline where the completion date is December 15.

Phase 1-Interior Buildout

*build interior partitions with selected finishes

*design stairs and build

*install millwork (kitchen)

*finish floors

Phase 2-Furnishings/Art/Accessories

*build furniture

*select furniture/refurbish

*make art


So there you go ladies and gents and if you want to see more on the process, click here.

Feel free to follow me along this miniature trip.