Hopeless Romantic

My little girl  is really stretching out.  I am convinced that little people come out from the walls at night and pull her legs and arms, making her a tad longer every morning.  {Totally convinced.}  Her interests are also growing and she loves to imitate mommy.  As I peek around the corner, I find her sitting at my vanity with the mirror flipped up, combing her bouncy curls.  It’s adorable to watch and I know what I must do.

The dressing table will soon be moving from my room to hers. But now, I find myself longing for a new girly space.

Lo and behold, the design gods sent me this lovely feminine vignette.

 I am in love.


Yes, I know that I am a hopeless romantic.  But can you blame me!?

Have a good weekend!


From {shabby} to {chic}

When I first purchased this vanity at an estate sale, I fully intended to rehab. I liked the feminine lines but I didn’t really care for the paint job. Perhaps it was a clean white once.  I pictured the previous owner, an old lady, filling up her bedroom with thick smoke.  Maybe this is how it turned a yucky yellowish hue.  But like I said I planned on a refinishing. After all, I did not want shabby-chic. I wanted just chic.

So I hurried home, eager to transform it. I stripped the layers of shabby. Layer by layer, I did. And then sanded…oh how I sanded. Sanding & painting, sanding & painting. That is what it takes. Do I not sound like a Dr. Seuss poem at this length!?

Finally, I achieved my end result.  A crisp clean white little vanity.  I also added some amber crystal knobs from Restoration Hardware.

Later, I would go on to find this cute vintage chair at another estate sale.  It was originally a 1950’s sorta kitschy garden chair.  Someone down the line had made a tufted seat and back.  But it was a very outdated and kinda gross mustard yellow velvet fabric.  Nonetheless, it was a bargain at $6!  I brought it home, deciding that it would be my next project.

First, I spray-painted the metal frame white.  I then chose a toned-down cheetah print fabric.  The tufting was difficult, especially since it was my first upholstery project.  But I managed, learned, and finished.  Here it is:

And here is the finished vignette, from shabby to chic!

The modern Pablo Tube lamp adds a touch of modern to the slightly traditional lines of the vanity.  While the reupholstered chair adds a bit of whimsy and girlyness.  The  pink-milk glass,   jewelry container adds another layer of subtle femininity.  This sweet box is an art-deco piece that I found while thrifting. I may add that this is probably my absolute favorite inanimate possession.  And if I had to run out of a burning house and could take one thing, this would be it.

One day soon, I’ll get around to posting my whole bedroom.  Currently, it is still a work in progress.  Stay tuned!