New Items in Etsy!

I found a super cool, mid-century set of napkin holders.  Great for a lover of all things mid-century, or for a hostess gift.

The warmth of the teak wood looks lovely paired with some  feminine china.

Or you could pair it with some simple white china for a more modern-masculine look.

Available here.


The Chair Saga goes on…

I have yet to find the perfect chairs.

Settling is the last thing I want to do.


I may have found a good contender.

When I first spotted these chairs, years ago, I fell in lust.

But I wondered, is the glam look of the glitzy 70’s for me?


Here, the void at the base is the perfect complement to the Saarinen base.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Then, today I found this image with a gold-plated shiny frame . Such a nice departure from its chrome counterpart.

And I am MAD about them!

But I haven’t a clue who the designer is or manufacturer.  My first thought is Thonet or Baughman, but all I really know is that they are calling my name!

Can anyone enlighten me!?

And stay tuned for the reveal of the mini-kitchen!  See you tomorrow!

I’m a Giant: Mini Furniture Shopping

This weekend I curated some amazing finds for La Petite Maison.

The colonial windsor bench you see here along with these hippie-60’s wicker chairs are destined for one another. They belong together. I love how they are similar in form but from wildly different periods. With a coat of new paint and an added colorful cushion, the pieces will be brought back to this era.

These brass hinges and closures will brace the frame of a mini acrylic coffee table.

Here, Lonny shows a real, life-size acrylic coffee table that houses books. In the dollhouse, the coffee table will hold colorful blankets for those oh-so-cold winter nights.


Oh-my-goodness, I am officially mini-obsessed!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the newly ’tiled’ kitchen floor.

It is to-die-for!

Show Off Wednesday

If you have read my about, you know that I enjoy showing off. But never before did I have a platform such as this little blog.  Think of this more as a grown-up show and tell, with me doing all the showing.

I thoroughly enjoy graphic design. What I like most is the scale of it. Some people have a though time thinking small, but not me, no siree. The challenge of jumping from one scale to another is what gets me. First exhibit coming up.

This original logo and business card, I designed for a photographer. He is well-traveled and an all around super cool guy. The design really suited him.

Like what you see?  If you do, great! Contact me, and we can discuss rates.

From Dress to Room

Back in the day when Domino still reigned, there was a segment that I most enjoyed. It was the challenge of turning an outfit into a room. I always thought that it would be such a fun way of deriving inspiration for a space. Years later, I would meet a super fun chick who is also an awesome graphic designer. Her eye-catching wardrobe, I felt, would make a terrific room. We chatted up the subject and I discovered that she needed help designing an office space within her home. For her, it was her femme space to be creative and indulge her girly side. And she hinted to me that she was completely willing to diy (told you she was cool.) I have said it before,  I absolutely love a good challenge.

Here is what I came up with using her favorite outfit:

What do you think Ms. Mei? Did I live up to your challenge?

Do you have a design dilemma? Send it in to You may be my next decorating adventure!

1. Settee, 2. Art Prints& Pink Art Print, 3. Light Fixture & Tutorial 4. Liberty of London Fabric 5. Fabric for tackable board 6. Desk Accessories 7. Task lamps 8. Desk & Tutorial 9. Vintage Chair from CL. 10. Dress 11. Shoes

[Guest Post] Design Debauchery

Anybody who knows me knows I like masculinity in my design.  Nika Zupanc is far more than just the exception, though.  Zupanc embraces simplicity with a complex feminine twist.  And as we all know, women are amazingly complex.  However, more than just simply feminine, Nika Zupanc’s work is sexy feminine.  There is a deviant aesthetic to her work, both bold and lascivious.  In a sense, her designs are a women’s revolution revival in sensual expression.


Like a Little Bug

It’s been five entire months since we welcomed our baby boy.  A little personality is rapidly developing. “Babababababababa, ” he sweetly sings all day long.  Tap, tap, tap is what we hear  as he bangs his poor Sophie on the nearest surface.  He is getting very mobile now.  Squirming like a roly-poly, he makes his way.

And by the way, did I mention that he is growing?

Inch by inch like a little bug, he grows.

We really do love him so!