So Little Time

so many new online Shelter mags (or new to me-whatev.)  This weekend I ran into a definite goodie, Adore Home.  I am loving the color in this home by Claudia Stephenson.  The pops of fuchsia are calling my name.

And this bedroom is what I am all about currently, soft pastels, fuchsia, a little leopard with a furry throw.  So calming but interesting at the same time.{via}

Did you spot that Prada-Marfa sign?  This has special significance to me.  My girlfriends and I will be taking a trip there sometime soon.  I hear it’s amazing.

I am now contemplating the idea of diying the clever art piece.  Maybe.

Go and take a gander, and let me know what you think.



Pretty in Pink

Being the girly-girl that I am, I was ecstatic to discover that I was pregnant with a little girl. Lucky for me, she ended up being as girly as her momma. The day she turned five, she stood in a pink pettiskirt, and sweetly asked for a pink fancy room just like her alter-ego, Fancy Nancy. Of course, I said yes. Then while searching for inspiration, I stumbled onto this image:

 Don’t you just love it!?

I really gravitated towards the black and pink color palette because pink is definitely tres fancy and black because we owned a black, antique, cast-iron bed. The bed originally belonged to my daughter’s great-grandmother. Heirlooms, I feel, really give historical presence and add so much character to a space. And at the risk of sounding 60, they just don’t make things the way they used to.

The wall color selected is a pale pink. So light in hue that it is actually white, with a tint of pink. I wanted sweet not saccharine.  The accent colors used are a careful balance of black and white. Too much white and the room could appear shabby chic. On the flip side, too much black would be overpowering for a young girl’s room. Here is the finished room.

The vintage 1950’s school desk is made out of hard steel and really stands up to the abuse of a five year old. The metal  was a grey when I first purchased this off CL.  I like the subtle two-tone paint job done by me. This piece is certainly going to be handed down to her growing baby brother. Perhaps then I will paint it red. But that is an upcoming chapter.

The infamous dollhouse on top of an Offi Scando table.

Rain-gutter shelves is such a practical, low-cost solution to decluttering books.  Framed watercolor painting made by me.

I love looking at the inspiration picture and seeing how the room developed.  Sometimes when designing, things take a life of their own.  Is it Fancy enough? I asked the client, who squealed yes.  So I would say that is success.

Win Some :) Lose some :(

I am not sure exactly when my love for vintage first started.  I think it may have been as a kid frequenting thrift stores with my mom. She searched for a bargain, I looked for treasure.  Once I found a complete set of Bertoia Diamond chairs for $25 dollars. Cross my heart, I did. Yes, I do think my addiction started young. These days you will find me searching on Ebay and craigslist. LOVE, LOVE them!

Lookie, lookie what I won on Ebay today. A super sweet vintage pencil sharpener!

This little cutie is going in a five year olds pink and black bedroom whose favorite activity is coloring with Prisma pencils.  Feverishly she scribbles, coloring until the point is just a stump. I can’t wait for her to use it.  Pictures soon to come!