My little man’s two front teeth are poking through.  Just in time because he has also discovered food.  The expression on his sweet face is priceless as we give him new things to taste.  I can already tell that he will be an eater, just like dad.  Eager to devour, he slightly opens his tiny mouth into a perfect oval and holds his position waiting for






And if he could talk his favorite word would certainly be yum-yums!


My little Sunshine

My little boy is growing fast.  Since he learned to crawl, he is always on the move.  He’s a busy little thing, quietly exploring his surroundings.  When I get home, I drop my purse on the counter and I hear something coming from around the corner.  My sweet boy  charges and stops short of my legs, clapping and squealing.  As he extends his little arms to me, I pick up my little ray of sunshine.

It is the best part of my day.

And suddenly, I have a song stuck in my head.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine….

Like a Little Bug

It’s been five entire months since we welcomed our baby boy.  A little personality is rapidly developing. “Babababababababa, ” he sweetly sings all day long.  Tap, tap, tap is what we hear  as he bangs his poor Sophie on the nearest surface.  He is getting very mobile now.  Squirming like a roly-poly, he makes his way.

And by the way, did I mention that he is growing?

Inch by inch like a little bug, he grows.

We really do love him so!

My Little Man

Being the girliest of girls, I never thought in a million years that I would one day have a boy. But it was fate, it seems, and now I realize how silly it was of me.   He is 3 months now. So allow me to catch you up.  I have decided to join the blogworld masses with creative monthly pictures.   And I promise, I won’t bore you with details on how much I adore my baby boy, and how I just want to eat him up.  Without further adiue, here is my little man:

April Showers 04/05/2011

Mommy’s Boy  05/05/2011

Close-up of Mom tattoo.

Little Man 06/05/2011

And as any proud mommy would ask…isn’t he cute!?